Custom Curtains

Drapery and Curtains elevate the design of any space, they coat the room with a sleek and classy appearance. 

With a wide selection of lavish fabrics, styles, and hardware we can uniquely design the perfect drapery that fits your needs.
Our experience will ensure that your curtains or drapery solution will be aesthetic but functional as well. 

This luxurious product can be enhanced by our smart systems, allowing you to control your curtains or drapery with a push of a button or a plain voice command. 

Sheer Curtains 

Sheer curtains are a brilliant approach to control light filtering in your room while leaving your curtains open. By including sheers under your curtains, light comes in despite everything you have for protection.


Blackout Curtains 

Blackout curtains add mood to any room and can be made in apparently unlimited styles. Likewise, full-length, lined draperies can offer you some assistance with blocking so as to save on energy costs drafts and holding heat.


Cornices & Valances

Valances and cornices are a stationary window treatment. Adding a touch of color or texture, they transform a standard window into a unique design statement. They can be stand-alone or position over shades, providing a smart design technique to hide rods or rails.